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THE WORLDBANK scam $27m losses in two years

Nigerian scammers have been professionally working as "THE WORLDBANK" since February 2005 and made many victims through selling "existing" development projects in developing nations as Sudan, Kenya, India and Lebanon.

Among the victims were businessmen that visited high profile trade shows in Dubai and Asia, but also construction companies that were approached
if their name was on a public Construction Project Bid lists in the US, Australia, Britain, Spain and Germany.

The victims were convinced, with sets of all the relevant but false documents, that their bid for a project could be secured if they paid an upfront bribe or a local to become partner in order to win a "WORLDBANK" financed bid . After "the bid was accepted" and the project granted, loans from "THE WORLDBANK" didn't come trough unless so-called Advance Fees were paid every time when a "small problem" arisen.

One victim was convinced to gain a two year contract for cement deliveries from India, and only after the shipments never arrived and both producer and "THE WORLDBANK" didn't return his calls he realized he was conned.

We have recorded, for particular this scam and scamring losses over $27m in the period february 2005 to October 2006, but estimates of the total damages should turn out significantly higher because the scamring is still operating "THE WORLDBANK" and still works the international business community with this scam!

These Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud organizations have also created an EXACT COPY of the WEB SITE OF THE WORLDBANK the international bank that supports finances of developing countries.

Have a look for yourself for as long as the link to the web site works watch the double DD in the name of the site!:http://www.worlddbank.org/index.htm

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