Nigeria is said to be at the brink of another civil war as clear and present danger signals show

Ghana Business News - Emmanuel K. Dogbevi - Feb 18, 2010

Nigeria is said to be at the brink of another civil war as clear and present danger signals show. The country went to war in 1967 in what is known as the Biafran war in which the Igbos sought to secede from the federal state.

An intelligence report by the Netherlands-based Ultrascan, which was emailed to by its CEO Frank Engelsman says there are clear signs that Nigeria is gradually moving towards a major crisis.

In the report released Tuesday February 16, 2010 Ultrascan, a global investigation and intelligence organization which also focuses on corporate identity theft, credit, debit card theft and so on listed the following as the basis for the conclusion in the report: The report indicates that the crisis arising from President Yar'adua 's absence has brought to the fore the political battle over the delicate power balancing act in Nigeria. 

According to the report the Chief of Army Staff Lt. General Abdulrahman Dambazzau has alerted the nation of overt and covert moves by military adventurists to interfere in the politics of the country.

The report cited the resurgence of violence in the Niger Delta, despite ceasefire agreements between the government and militia groups adding that the CIA and other European Intelligence Agencies have mentioned Africa as a large center of "recruitment" for the Al Qaida terror network.

The report links the 419 scam to Al Qaida and terrorism in Africa. It says between 2003 and 2007 there was evidence of a terrorist connection in the slipstream of 419 Advance Fee Fraud networks (AFF), supporting attacks. In 2008 and 2009 there was evidence directly linking 419 AFF networks to (attempted) attacks.

In 2009 profits from 419 AFF organizations financed arms deals and the cross border crime networks were used to support transports.

During 2009 we received regular reports about extremist infiltrating southern Nigerian mosques as well.

Portraying the events in Nigeria as sectarian, tribal or economic it doesn't really matter because AQ will portray it as massacre against Muslims only, it added.

The report pointed out how money laundering gangs also pose a threat to the most populous nation in West Africa. Nigeria has a population of over 150 million people.

Citing members of the Saraki family, the report said the younger of the Saraki sons, is a special assistant to President Yar'adua. Though still not officially into politics, Laolu, according to insiders, was part of the team that toured the country with President Umaru Musa Yar'adua. Many believe Laolu is being groomed for a top political office come 2011 like his elder siblings, Senator Gbemi Saraki and Dr. Bukola Saraki, governor of Kwara State, it said.

“It seems that the friends Laolu Saraki, Obaro Ibru (son of the troubled former MD/CEO of Oceanic Bank Plc, Chief Mrs. Cecilia Ibru) and Kojo Annan (the son of ex-UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan) are having their best of party time in South Africa and The Netherlands, the report said.

It however noted that intelligence sources report the real purpose of their travels to Johannesburg, Cape Town, The Hague and Amsterdam. As a key player, Laolu Saraki is linked to money laundering, drugs trafficking to South Africa and the purchase of arms shipments for extremist groups, AQ Africa.

According to the report, further intelligence surveillance started in July 2009 in Johannesburg, Amsterdam and The Hague established that their "Personal Assistants" and "girlfriends" are in fact cohorts for Laolu Saraki in 419 frauds and prostitution 

It revealed that in July 2009, surveillance was instigated by interceptedn communications and suspicious events and activities of both Laolu Saraki and Kojo Annan in Amsterdam during the summer of 2008.

More details can be found on Ultrascan-AGI site.

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