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Investigations / Focus and scope

Focus, scope, strategy, priorities, policies

Ultrascan policies / strategy and priorities

Financial Crimes - Risk Assessment - Compliance PEP KYC - Insider Treats - Money Laundering - Corruption - Sanctions - Terrorist Financing - Trafficking - Intellectual Property Protection - Transnational Organized Crime TOC - Ideology Driven Crime Networks - Security Policy - Counter Intelligence - Funding the Nexus Terrorism Crime - Strategic Security Audits - Cyber Crime - Phishing - Corporate Identity Theft BEC - Advance Fee Fraud (419) - Grooming - Credit Card Fraud - Counterfeiting - Insurance Fraud - Stock and Securities Fraud

scientific / personalized


"The strength of Ultrascan Global Investigations is their ability to appropriately coordinate "technical" intelligence with "human" intelligence to provide results that are both scientific and personalized."

Risk management and strong leadership by continually reassessing the operational risks.

Take into account the changing economic, legal, technological and regulatory environments and adhere to procedures and practices.

Drive development through the provision of priorities and clear transnational strategies in line with geo policies 

Supporting the implementation of new systems globally during a time of heightened scrutiny needs reacting to changes in the operating environment and ensure that applicable changes are made to the system and processes.

Responsible for providing sound judgement and advice to senior management on security and reputational risks associated with doing business.

Providing reporting which highlights (and mitigates) reputational, fraud and compliance risks.

Operational Effectiveness

What sets Ultrascan-AGI apart is its "feet in the street". We employ academics, doctors, physicians, ex Law enforcement and military personnel, a powerful mix of science and streetwise skills. Small, expert regional liaison teams that provide consistent and insightful financial crime related intelligence.


The units are subject to sensitive, and therefore risky, information, exercises sound judgement in protecting it and adheres to all relevant rules and regulations. 

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